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 The United Planets of America (UPA)

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PostSubject: The United Planets of America (UPA)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:17 pm

Basically during WW III a group of 50 million Americans left earth drifted for 100 years and colonized about 50 planets all named after the old States witch lye near the federation-cardassian boarder only the Cardassians knew about the for about 300 years until Stardate 77529 (July 12th 2400) When the USS Akira gout caught in a conflict with between the Cardassians and the UPA (they don't like each other) In what is known to the UPA as the Feddassian incident the UPPA lost one Shark class Cruiser and the Cardassians lost 2 galor class vessels.

The UPA uses Advanced antimatter torpedoes roughly the strength between a quantum torp and a Transphasic Torp
they also us Compact shielding witch uses a computer to compress a shield to the exact point of impact Effectively quadrupling the power of there shields

Their ships are as fallows

Pod ship (fighter class)
Length 20 meters
width 10 meters
shield strength low
hull strength low
Max speed 45% of light speed
crew 2
one forward facing pulse phaser

Montana Class (Super-Battle ship)
Length 5 kilometers
width 1650 meters
Shield strength Nearly impregnably
Hull strength Nearly impregnably
max speed Hyperwarp 3 (warp 9.999999)
crew 2500 + 2000 pilots + up to 500000 other persons
Holds up to 800 Pod ships
80 forward torpedo launcher
40 torpedo launchers on either side
30 aft torpedo launchers
200 phaser arrays speed thought the ship
and 2 forward pulse phaser arrays

Indiana Class (Ship destroyer and troop transport [war only])
Length 1500 meters
width 100 meters
Shield strength average
Hull strength Strong
Max speed Hyperwarp 5 (9.9999999999)
holds 20 pod ships
crew 400 and up to 1500 other persons
2 forward facing "Ship Killers"
30 phaser arrays
2 forward torpedo launchers
3 torpedo launchers on each side
3 aft torpedo launchers

Shark class (battle-cruiser)
length 1 kilometer
width 450 meters
Shield strength Very Strong
Hull strength Very Strong
Max Speed Hyperwarp 6 (warp 9.999999999999)
holds 10 pod ships
Crew 1500
2 forward "Ship Denters"
2 forward "Ship Damagers"
40 phaser arrays
4 forward torpedo launchers
3 aft torpedo launchers

Iowa class (cruiser)
length 500 meters
width 240 meters
shield strength Strong
Hull Strength Strong
Max speed Hyperwarp 7 (warp 9.99999999999999)
Crew 350
10 phaser arrays
5 forward torpedo launchers
3 aft torpedo launchers

California Class (Destroyer)
Length 300 meters
width 150 meters
Shield Strength Average
Hull Strength Average
Max Speed Hyperwarp 8 (warp 9.9999999999999999)
Crew 150
2 forward "Ship Biters"
2 forward and aft pulse phaser arrays
8 phaser arrays
2 forward torpedo launchers
5 aft torpedo launchers

Dakota Class (Scout)
Length 200 meters
width 150 meters
shield strength Average
hull strength Average
Max Speed Hyperwarp 8
Crew 100
2 Forward "ship biters"
1 Forward "ship itcher"
6 phaser arrays
1 forward torpedo launcher
2 aft torpedo launchers
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The United Planets of America (UPA)
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