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Dead forum! Dead mc dead

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 Spam (As written by DJ on my forum)

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PostSubject: Spam (As written by DJ on my forum)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:49 pm

What Is Spam?

Wikipedia defines spam as when a user posts something which is
off-topic or doesn’t have anything to do with the current subject.
Also, a post that doesn’t contribute to the thread whatsoever is also
considered spam in some cases. A third form of Forum Spamming is where
a person repeatedly posts about a certain subject in a manner that is
unwanted by (and possibly annoying to) the general population of the
forum. Lastly there is also the case where a person posts messages
soley for the purpose of increasing his or her ranking on the forum. In
a broader sense, advertising on forums where it is not wanted is known
as spamming and is generally seen as an annoyance.

TT adds: Posting a thread which has no real value to the world: EG
"What is your favourite type of air?" is just really stupid and should
not be done. STvSW threads should be refrained upon since they usually
break down in insulting matches.

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Spam (As written by DJ on my forum)
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