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PostSubject: Kad'Hex/Bovapar   Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:49 pm

on Stardate 79693 (September 11 2402) the USS Akria and it's 4 fleet-mates under the command of (guess who) Fleet Captain Chris Roberts was investigating reports of mysterious disappearances of Romulan and Klingon Star bases on the edge of there space when the USS Akria arrived there was only debris after searching for a day or two the come across an unknown ship design it happens to be a Kad'Hex Seeder class ship on a scouting mission. They Hail the ship no response. the ship is damaged and there are no life sings. then another ship of the same class warps in. they hail the Akria (who in the mean time called in the 4 other ships of it's fleet) the Akria answers the Kad'Hex reveal them selves things get ugly and go to hell basically.

they do join the Dommion in the 2nd Dommion war

we form a peace treaty in 2407 at the end of the war and are allies by 2429

The system of government is simple iron will what ever the Mega-Hunter or if the Mega-Hunter Dies the Supreme Commander goes
Mega-Hunter occur once every millennia and have the strength of 13 humans if a mega-hunter survives the 1000 years he dies as soon as the new Mega-Hunter is born a Mega-hunter inherits all the memorys of the previous Mega-Hunters (even if not related)

there are 4 "jobs" that you might get depending on you stature

if your tall and smart your a in the:
these are the people who run the ship like engineers, pilots, Captains... Est.
Male: Female ratio 1:1

If you are tall and strong you are a:
These are the security branch of the force
strength: 2.1 Human
male: female ratio 2:1
there is a sub-class if both your parents are Hunters:
These are stronger than and smarter than your average hunter
Strength: 5.7 Human

If you are a short male you are a:

If you are a female or male that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories you are a

The Kad'Hex's main system of Kax'Nar holds there home planet of the same name and 4 other worlds (originally 5)

The World is a dens acid filled world with a permanent haze. all the land mass is on the North pole and connected by a series of constructed walls all the acid water pumped out. A giant city covers all the land including the artificial land.

The first Species the Kad'Hex ran into after discovering "FTLT" was the Bovapar a spiny orange and black species the Bovapar and Kad'Hex hit it off and within a century the considered them self one species (although they are genetically incompatible)

the Kad 'Hex and Bovapar enjoy a living and 10 systems all but 2 have a population of 1/2 Bovapar and 1/2 Kad'Hex (that being the home worlds of Death I and Kax'Nar)

The Kad'Hex supply the main fleet because of there superior weapons and shields
The Bovapar supply the homeland Defense party of the fleet so we they go to war the "Home Systems" as they call them are protected
it is rare to find a Bovapar serving on a Kad'Hex ship and vice versa

The Kad'Hex have only 3 ship designs

Goliath class (Mobile space station)
Length 100 Km
Width 40 Km(at it's largest)
Shield strength OMFG!!
Hull Strength OMFG!!
max Speed Hyperwarp 1 (that's with 10 Hyperwarp cores)
Population about 20,000,000
countless Cascade torpedo launchers
12 Cascade phaser arrays
Forward "Graviton Crusher"
Docking capability
countless shuttles
30, 1-3 Km ships

Seeder class (cursor)
length 3000 meters
width 1200 meters
shield strength Above average
Hull strength Strong
Max speed Hyperwarp 6
6 cascade phaser arrays
12 cascade torpedo launchers
Holds 42 Thorns

Thorn (Uber-Fighter)
length 30
width 15
shield strength very low
hull strength below-average
Max speed 50% light speed
crew 30
2 forward cascade pulse phaser arrays
1 forward and aft cascade torpedo launchers

Cascade weapons have a 1% chance of going thru shields
there torpedoes are as strong as quantum torpedoes

the Goliath class made from the 6th planet in the Kax'Nar system (witch is why it's not there any more) and 3rd and 4th moons of the planet Kax'Nar (witch is why there are only 3 moons and the 3rd is as small as an asteroid. the names of the Goliath class are Blood, Tear, and Sweet (their are only 3)

I haven't invented any Bovapar ships yet
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PostSubject: Re: Kad'Hex/Bovapar   Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:46 pm

Youv'e got a good imagination. Smile
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