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 Godzilla Vs Crystalon

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Data Lore B4

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PostSubject: Godzilla Vs Crystalon   Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:13 pm

This is a story i'm writing

Godzilla VS Crystalon

A boat splashes in the waves of Lake Michigan. There are four people in it one small 12 year old, one 15 year old and 2 adults. The teenager sees a twinkling in the sky.

Teen: Hay dad look at the sky.

The dad looks thinks for a minute then

Adult 1: OMG

The meteorite goes right over head and into the horizon towards Japan.
as the meteor heads toward it target it crosses the Day/Night barrier.
Alarms sound as it heads for a small town itís suppose to impact in is evacuated (small town) as it heads toward point of impact a Nuclear beam hitís it disintegrating it white shards of crystal rain down on the town.
Godzilla roars, turns around and swims toward his home and his son

Ch 1
We start this chapter in a house a guy is laying in bed with the sheets over his head. His alarm colck next to his bed goes off . He hitís the alarm turning it off and sits up getís out of bed (he is wearing close)). He goes to his bathroom and combs his hair and brushes his teeth. He then sitís down at his Computer. He turns it on a picture of Godzilla is his wall paper. He opens up a web site called [/size]WWW.GodzillaSerchers.com (not a real site). He yawns one member. He then opens up his e-mail. He has 3 messages the first one is labeled Your fired, the second is labeled Weíre thru, The last one is labeled Would youÖ he deletes the first two and opens the last one it gose

Dear Jeff Gray

We need your help contact us at *phone number*

From G-Hunters

Sent August 9th 2013 at 2:16 Am

Jeff: What the hell

Jeff picks up his phone and calls numbers

Japanese woman: Hello

Jeff: Hello ? You sent me an E-mail

Japanese woman: yes, you must be Jeff

Jeff: I just might be

Japanese woman: Very funny well as you probably know Godzilla destroyed a a meteor just before it hit a Japanese village.

Jeff: WHAT!!

JW: You mean you donít know

Jeff grabs remote and turns to new Headline: Godzilla destroys meteor for unknown reasons

Jeff: Wow thatís new

JW: let us just cut to the chases we want you to come to Japan to assist us in finding out why we also need you to identify the crystals that feel from the sky

Jeff: canít you do that your selfs

JW: none of us have any experience with this kind of Crystal

Jeff: I donít have the means to get to Japan

JW: leave that to us

Jeff: OkayÖ
JW: meet one of our members at the nearest airport

Jeff: who is it

JW: His name is Izanagi He will meet you there in 5 hours

Jeff: OK

He goes to his room grabs a suit case and puts some close in it and getís on his bike and heads toward the air port (a 4 Ĺ hour bike ride)

Ch 2

Finally at the Air port he sits in the waiting room and falls asleep only to be woken up 45 minutes later by Izanagi

Izanagi: excuse me but are you Jeff Gray

Jeff: Yes who are you

Izanagi: Iím Izanagi, Ayaka sent me to meat you here so I could bring you to Tokyo

Jeff: thanks I OU one Izanagi

Izanagi: No problem hereís your ticket letís go the filght takes off in 10 min

Jeff: Letís go

Ch 3
On the plane now midway in filght

Jeff: so why dose the Japanese government need me to help

Izanagi: we needed the Best crystallography we could find and plus you ďaffection for GodzillaĒ

Jeff: flattered
Izanagi: you should be Prime Minister Hisashi asked for you personally

Jeff: Prime Minister Hisashi was a friend and the other member of my site till he Ďcame Prime Minister of Japan then he stopped talking to me.

Izanagi: I am sorry

Jeff: itís okay

Izanagi: you sure

Jeff: yes

Ch 4
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Data Lore B4

Posts : 43
Join date : 2008-07-22
Age : 26
Location : Protecting the Galaxy from The Reapers on the SSV Normandy

PostSubject: Re: Godzilla Vs Crystalon   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:35 am

Ch 4

*Several hours later the plane lands in Tokyo.*

Izanagi: JeffÖ wake up.

Jeff: hunÖ what (said Drowsily)

Izanagi: weĎre here.

Jeff: We are?

Izanagi: We are. The Prime minister is waiting for us

Jeff: GreatÖ

*They get off the plane meet by three people Prime Minister Hisashi , Ayaka, and a Japanese man named Kurisu*

Hisashi: Jeff how have you been

Jeff: well my Girlfriend just broke up with me and I just got fired from my job so Iíd say pretty $**tty plus the fact I get to meet my back stabbing friend again

Hisashi: Look I didnít want you to come here but youíre the only Crystallologist that isnít in the field right now

Jeff: Letís get something strait I need to be paid as soon as I find out what this is

Hisashi: We will pay you accordingly now if you will excuse me I have duties to attend to. You will be working with Ayaka, Kurisu, and Izanagi who I believe you know

Jeff: Yes

Hisashi: fine get it done and get out of here

* Hisashi leaves*

Jeff: Good riddens now letís go get this done

Kurisu: *grabís Jeff buy the collar* Letís get something stait we donít work for you. you work for us.

Ayaka: let the man go he just wants to get going

Kurisu: *whispers in Jeff ear* Sheís mine *lets go*

CH 4 Ĺ

*underneath the sea we see Godzilla swimming past a group of blue wails toward a land mass (Japan).

Ch 5

*in G-Hunters Head quarters*

Jeff: so Izanagi what kind of tools do the G-Hunters have.

Izanagi: Only the best

Ayaka: yes the government provides almost anything we need

Jeff: What ever happed to G-Force

Ayaka: They where disbanded after Godzilla destroyed Deystroyah and mildewed down

Jeff: Didnít Godzilla Jr. Survive

Izanagi: Yes but he didnít show the same tendencies to destroy Japan as his father so Hisashi had them disbanded to save money

Ayaka: Then in 2003 Godzilla Jr attacked Hokkaido so they made a new force called G-Hunter

Izanagi: We donít want to destroy him like the G-Force but to understand him

Jeff: to help prevent casualties

Kurisu: Yah and we all live happily ever after pst yah right. He should be Destroyed like the monster he is

*they reach the room with the Crystals*

Kurisu: thereís your lab get started *walks away*

CH 6

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Godzilla Vs Crystalon
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