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 Empire of the Free Rem'dex

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PostSubject: Empire of the Free Rem'dex   Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:11 pm

once a free race, the rem'dex were great scientists and engineers, they were on the verge of breaking the theory of time travel , but then the romulans destroyed the home planet and enslaved the race. hundreds of years later, the rem'dex finnaly started to weaken the grip the romulans had over their species, now slowly freeing themselfs, the rem dex have reformed their society, and waged war on the unsuspecting romulans.
not all the rem dex are engineers though, 30% of them are warmongers. all the rest are engineers or scientists.

ship types
many ships of the empire are modified ships from other species, but the other ones are created souly by the hand of rem'dex. here are these types

Rex'da class (main warship)
hull : above average
sheilds : way above average
speed : hyperwarp 9
manouverability of a fighter (really good) even at max warp
crew (minimum) 50 rem'dex (maximum) 1000 rem'dex
multiple tranphasic torpedoe lauchers
super laser, 10 second recharge
one hundered type 20 phasers

Rem'ra class
hull slightly above average
shields OMFGWTF!!!!
speed, hyperwarp 2
meouverability grade 5/10
crew (minimum) 200 (max) 5000
VERY large ship
500 torpedoe tubes, any kind can be fired
millions of particle phasers

MSS (mobile space station)
shields average
speed, warp 1
menouverability 2/10
crew, (mini) 500 (max) 5000
20 wide shot superlasers
millions of multi use torpedoe tubes
5 superphasers
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PostSubject: Re: Empire of the Free Rem'dex   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:50 am

good race who would they allie with the UPA or the Kad'Hex
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Empire of the Free Rem'dex
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