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 The Cialin

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PostSubject: The Cialin   Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:27 am

Species: Cialin
Homeworld: Cialis
Capital world: Cialis
Home Galaxy:LMCG
Species type:Reptilian;Lizard like/Humanoid
Skin tone: Depends on what part of place where born
AV Height: 5'7-6'2
AV Weight: 200lbs.-250lbs.
AV Life span:35 years
Empire:Cialin Syndicate
Planets/SB: 12
POP: 7 Quadrillion
Empire size: Average
Allies: Hermen,Rolluct,Bingle
Hostiles: The CIL

The Cialin were onced allied with every Empire in the galaxy untill 1/2 centuary ago they began research of Android tech. they made them resemble like them selves thus thus the cretion of the CIL they hade created 50 billion of them till they couldnt fund the project any further, they had reached a diceasion to destroy them. The CIL heard of this and went to war with them since the Cialin didnt have a large war fleet they began asking their allies and they defeated them, the CIL after losing left founding their Empire else where and their hatred began.... 5 years ago the CIL returned ready to start war with the galaxy now everyone blames the Cialin for that thus now have few allies.

The Cialin have a small war fleet and like to avoid wars thus when wars come they look for peace and are the peacemakers of the galaxy but when peace is futile they call their allies to help.

They also love to mate and are very smart and now reaserch to make life longer for themselves since life is short to them.

The Cialin econimy is built on research and trade they hope this will eventually bring back their old allies.

Your a GENIUS so stop complaining!!!
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The Cialin
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