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 The Beaveranium

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PostSubject: The Beaveranium   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:10 am

The Beaveranium are a group of you guessed it Beavers Humanoid beavers genetically engineered Beavers from Earth who left with Kahn (same time frame)

Fleet size: Unknown

Allies: None
Nabors: The Tholians, The Cardassians, The Breen, The UPA
Enemies: None

Pros: Don't need many resources, fast breeders

Cons: short lives‘, generally short, Isolationists

Population: est. 59 quadrillion
Fleet Size: Unknown (believed to be large)

Government: Dynasty

Home planet: Beaverlorum

Planets in control: >59

Army size: Large

Trading power: Poor

Gullability: low
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The Beaveranium
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